Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

Events in Heidelberg (English)

Schlossbeleuchtung -
an event that occurs three times a year, including on the first Saturday in June, the 'castle lighting' is a big summer attraction. The fireworks event sees residents in a festive spirit and a party atmosphere take over the city. The castle appears to be in flames before the fireworks burst into action
The dates in 2010: June 5, July 10 and September 4

June 19
Long night of shopping.

Heidelberg Castle Festival - June 25 to August 8, 2010
includes festivities such as musical performances. There is also a procession in celebration of the 'Student Prince' who returns to the castle

Heidelberg Fall Festival (Heidelberger Herbst)- September 25, 2010 probably Heidelberg's most popular festival known throughout Germany, where the city takes to the streets to party on. Expect local beer to be flowing readily and hot sausages are on hand for merry revellers

November 7
Shopping on Sunday from 1pm to 6pm

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