Donnerstag, 11. August 2016

Riding Heidelberg's historic Mountain Railway up to Königstuhl

Heidelberg's historic Mountain Railway

I am sure many of you have already taken the Mountain Railway to get up to famous Heidelberg Castle. But did you know there is also a historic Mountain Railway dating back to 1890 leading all the way up to Königstuhl (mountain)? 

Heidelberg's historic Mountain Railway
Historic Heidelberg Mountain Railway

And this Heidelberg adventure is only 5 minutes away on foot from our hotel

Königstuhl Station Mountain Railway Heidelberg
Looking down at Heidelberg's Old Town
The ride is like a trip back to the past. You can hear the old wooden cabin rattle and clatter while going up the steep hill and you have an overwhelming view over Heidelberg and the Neckar Valley. On clear days you can also see Platinate Forest (Pfälzer Wald). 

If you had no time to do this ride while visiting our beautiful city you can experience the feeling while watching this video , too.

Heidelberg and the Neckar Valley seen from above

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