Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Schwetzingen Lichterfest at Schwetzingen Castle Garden on 27th July 2013

Schwetzingen Lichterfest
An event for big and small lies ahead of us this Saturday at Schwetzingen Castle Garden, the Schwetzingen Lichterfest.  Be it trees flooded with coloured lights, a sea of stars made from over 2000 torches and candles or a pond which is illuminated by unnamed effects the Schwetzingen Lichterfest offers a great open-air event.

Besides the illuminations the visitor can enjoy numerous performances and live music from “Me and the heat”. Furthermore there are various Baroque performances, a musical and fire dancers. The famous German comedian Christian Habekost will also be there. If you are a classic fan you can enjoy a string ensemble as well as ballet and oriental performances. Of course there is also an extensive children’s programme.

The Lichterfest ends with the fireworks at the big pond.

Further pieces of information can be optained here (unfortunately only in GERMAN).

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