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Bach Festival Week Heidelberg (Heidelberger Bachwoche) 21 - 27 July 2013

„Heidelberger Bachwoche“ Bach Festival Week from 21– 27 July 2013

In the days shortly before 
Bach Festival Week Heidelberg Church of the Holy Spirit
Bach Festival Week at Church of the Holy Spirit Heidelberg
Johann Sebastian Bach's death on 28 July,each year for more than 20 years now, the Heidelberg Bachwoche deals with a theme relating his work to other fields of religion, art or music.

The music festival starts on Sunday 21 July 2013 and ends on 28 July 2013.

To see the whole festival programme please click here 

Gala concert at Church of the Holy Spirit on Thursday 25th July 2013 at 8.15 p.m.

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